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I am very proud to announce the latest addition to my growing theme library: Zahra.

Zahra is my finest work and you can get it here for free. Of course, you will appreciate that designing icon sets such as these takes time and effort (and much love!) so if you want to help support me and my work, I graciously accept donations through PayPal. 

I got it – what?

Drop the download files into the Library > Themes section of your iPhone (once you have jailbroken and installed Winterboard) then launch Winterboard on your device and select ‘Zahra’ form the list.

  If you have any questions: please don’t hesitate to contact me or through twitter: @_iphaze

  Many thanks.

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  1. This is great! I can’t wait to get an iPod touch, I will for sure put this on it. Keep it up!

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